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Vegan drinks at Starbucks

Hello, wonderful readers! Today I’m hoping to make your lives a little brighter.

When I first went vegan I was absolutely crushed because I couldn’t drink my favorite drink anymore. Seriously, iced caramel lattes were my life. You just can’t beat that awesome mix of sweetness from the caramel and bitterness from the espresso with the creaminess of the milk. It’s pure heaven in a cup. As vegans we know that it is necessary to do tons of research. We have to research restaurants to see if they have food we can eat, and we have to research what’s in our favorite foods and beverages if they’re not handmade by us personally. In doing my research, I learned that caramel sauce usually has butter or some kind of milk in it. In the case of Starbucks, their caramel sauce has butter, milk, and heavy cream. Caramel syrup is usually safe, but it just doesn’t taste the same to me. This majorly bummed me out, but I needed to see what else I loved that wasn’t vegan. Luckily, I’m fairly picky so just one other thing I found wasn’t vegan. White chocolate mocha sauce has skim milk in it. I feel like they could very easily do the same thing by replacing the skim milk with soy milk, but what do I know? And of course you can’t special order a sauce like you can pretty much everything else in your coffee. I do have a bit of good news for you chocolate lovers out there: the regular mocha sauce is completely vegan. So feel free to go wild with your soy/coconut/almond milk mochas.

But don’t worry if you’re not much of a chocolate fan because I gotchu. Below are a few of my recommendations for delicious non-chocolatey vegan drinks at Starbucks.


Starting with my current coffee obsession, I have to recommend the coconut milk cascara latte! I am sure I’m not the only person who was like “what the heck is cascara and why does it sound like a type of makeup?” So, of course, I did my research. Cascara is literally the outer layer of the coffee cherry. Normally farmers will take this and turn it into fertilizer. But it turns out that cascara is actually really sweet and delicious so companies have started using it for their drinks. Now, the coconut milk cascara latte is much more than just a cascara latte. They’ve also added brown sugar to the mix making this drink a dream. It’s sweet but not overpowering, and it’s the perfect morning pick-me-up. And I even order it decaf so you know this stuff is serious business.


All last winter I was really into the cinnamon dolce lattes. Even though this drink is served all year, it felt very festive to me. There was something about the warm cup in my hand and the smell and taste of cinnamon that just made me feel super cozy and ready for winter. If you like sweet and you’re not sure whether to get cinnamon or cinnamon dolce in your coffee, I’d definitely go for cinnamon dolce. It tastes much sweeter and less spicy. It’s almost like a cinnamon roll flavor. I also like to combine it with vanilla syrup and soy milk (don’t forget to ask for no whipped cream).


And, of course, we don’t always have to have coffee. When you want a tasty drink but aren’t crazy for coffee, look no further. The iced peach green tea is the best summer treat. It’s sweet, refreshing, and green tea is just great for your body. I don’t drink this much since giving up caffeine since I don’t believe you can order it decaf. But if caffeine is not something you worry about, then definitely give this a shot.

So even though I had to give up my iced caramel lattes, I’m not even a little upset anymore because there are plenty of ways to be vegan at Starbucks and I’ve found some new favorites.


What’s your favorite coffee shop drink?


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