Compassionate Beauty

My go-to summer lipstick

Is it crazy to have a lipstick shade designated for each season? I can’t be the only one, right? A nude pink for the spring, something bright and vibrant for summer, dark earth toned shades for autumn, and I tend to lean towards reds in the winter. Pretty soon I’ll just go all out and have one for each month (seriously how great would that be?). But it is summer right now which means I’ve whipped out my go-to bright summer shade.


This amazing purple shade is called Beach Goth and it’s part of Pacifica Beauty’s Devocean line. I’ve told you guys how much I love Pacifica before and I am not done obsessing over them. The brand is totally vegan and cruelty free and made with all natural ingredients that are amazing for your skin. Their Devocean lipsticks are super creamy and hydrating (great for when my skin start to dry out in the summer and winter months). This line is full of flirty reds and pinks, so love is definitely the theme here. And with how pigmented they are, how could you not love it? I, for one, cannot believe I haven’t collected the entire collection yet.

You can find the whole collection here.

Do you change your makeup looks per season? What are your favorite summer looks?


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