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Drugstore Brand Spotlight: Wet n Wild

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to find makeup that is both good quality and cruelty free. Most of the makeup I wear I got from a drugstore and I’m very happy with how it looks and applies. I wanted to start this series on my blog to talk about some of the drugstore brands and products I’m currently loving as well as eventually creating a full list of cruelty free drugstore cosmetic brands.

Wet n Wild is one brand I was shocked to find is cruelty free. I mean, I usually assume most of the more popular brands test on animals because most of them do. But Wet n Wild is 100% cruelty free and I know some (if not all) of their products are even vegan. So that’s two big selling points for the brand, but we better make that three because they are also super affordable.


Recently I wanted to start having more fun with my makeup. When I was younger all I wanted was bright colored eyeshadows and liners, then as I got older I traded all that in for neutral earth tones and black liner. I was born a creative person, so now I feel like I kind of killed off a little bit of the artist in me when I quit experimenting with colors and different makeup looks. But that artist is back, baby! I found the Wet n Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner in Voltage Blue (I also got it in Electric Purple) at the drugstore and I believe it’s the best $3 I’ve ever spent. That’s right, this magical blue eyeliner was only $3 and it looks incredible. It’s easy to apply and take off and the color is so vibrant it just demands attention. I wear a nude lipstick shade to keep attention on my eyes when I plan to have blue eyeliner on. I love the look so much it’s probably going to become my new everyday look!

I don’t wear foundation every day but recently I started using the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation and I have been loving it. I’d say it has medium to high coverage, depending on how much you use. In my experience it has lasted all day, even days when my eye and lip makeup needs touched up. I’m in the color porcelain and I’m so pleased that it actually is light enough for my skin tone! But if that’s not your shade, don’t worry. This product comes in 20 different skin tones. How awesome is that?

How do you use color in your makeup looks?


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