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The Beauty of Nature

I’m talking about something a little different today. While food and beauty are great, I think it’s super important to acknowledge how wonderful house plants are. It’s safe to assume that as a vegan I love plants. And I do! Plants are awesome! Not only do they keep me alive with all their wonderful nutrients, but they are just great to be around. I even name my house plants because, I mean, they’re basically my children.

This is Frederick 🙂

Like many people, I struggle with mental illness. I started keeping and taking care of house plants (and the occasional herbs) as a way to focus all of my negative energy into something positive. It became my duty to keep these plants alive and healthy. Suddenly I was less in my brain all the time because I had a purpose and a place to put my focus. What I didn’t know at that time is that gardening and just being surrounded by plants in general is scientifically amazing for your brain. Here are three awesome examples:

  • Being around and caring for nature increases compassion.

Learning to care for something such as a plant teaches us to care for each other. This leads to deeper bonds and strong lifelong relationships. Being able to show compassion towards others can also aid in self compassion – caring for yourself.

  • Living somewhere beautiful increases your quality of life.

If you live somewhere you just really like to look at, you’re more likely to enjoy life. Having more plants in your home makes you more comfortable and at peace with your surroundings, which can help fight off depression and other mental health problems.

  • Tending to plants helps trauma survivors heal.

Gardening can be a form of therapy. Being able to nurture a plant is a great way to positively heal mental wounds. In fact, many people who have PTSD are great at taking care of both plants and animals. Through gardening, survivors can put themselves in a positive mental state which leaves room for recovery.


So, you see, plants are wonderful. They taste great, keep you alive, and promote a seriously healthy brain. Now go out and surround yourself with the beauty of nature!


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